Killing It

For the first few minutes of the opening episode of Killing It, you might think you’re watching Silicon Valley: an ambitious entrepreneur with a big dream and an empty wallet practices his pitch to get funding so that he can change the world.

But Killing It is set in Florida, and things quickly go Florida-man south:

I like this show a lot - it tackles a lot of timely topics through its rich cast of characters, including Craig (played by Craig Robinson), the incorrigible optimist want-to-be entrepreneur, his deaf ex-wife Camille (played by Stephanie Nogueras - she’s just the best) who’s generally the only voice of sanity and reason among the characters. Then there’s Brock (Scott MacArthur), a middle-aged ex-salesman desperately trying to make it as an online influencer, and Jillian (Claudia O’Doherty), desperately broke even though she has so many jobs, including driving for Uber, doing things for Task Rabbit, and “eating bananas on video for strange men online”.

But more importantly than tackling subjects currently in the zeitgeist… the show is really funny. A lot of the team previously worked together on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation.

Killing It is on Peacock, and the first episode is free to watch. Check it out!

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