Best of The Klog

Best of The Klog

This page has links to the best general-interest posts published on The Klog.

Rafting Tatshenshini recounts an expedition down the Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers in Alaska - an epic journey through wilderness where we didn’t encounter another human being (or even a sign of one!) for the entire trip.

Trapped! tells the story of how I found myself in real-life escape room, and how I got out.

Here’s an opinion piece about my mediocre experience with getting a replacement license plate from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and how it could straightforwardly be done much better using existing technology.

G20 is a fictional short story set at the 2009 G20 Summit protests in London, and includes original photos captured at the protests.

Then there are great travel posts from around the world, most of which have photos and videos in addition to narratives: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines, Singapore, Australia, central & southern Europe, Puerto Rico.

The complete archives are here.