Catalina 2017

Catalina 2017

Brave seas and mountains,
to get where buffalo roam
and escape the race.

Once again, I camped on Catalina island with some friends over July 4th weekend.

Here are some photos!

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Joshua Tree

Years of drought over,
desert flowers bloom among
the Joshua Trees.

I made it out to Joshua Tree National Park for a weekend recently. We had missed the peak blooming season, but to my pleasant surprise, there were still flowers blooming throughout the park!

What a marvelous place.

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Puerto Rico

Lost in humid jungle,
Spanish forts watch busy seas:
Tropical winter.

Here are some photos from Puerto Rico!

Tree in old San Juan
Tree in old San Juan

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Git Cheat Sheet

For a while now, I’ve had a gradually-expanding note with various git commands that I’ve been using as a cheat sheet for git tasks that I do not do often, but regularly enough to write them down.

I figure putting them here will not only make them (slightly) easier to get to every time, but may also help other folks out.

So here they are! Keep in mind that this is just a quick (and intentionally incomplete) cheat sheet – if you are learning git for the first time, you’re better off looking elsewhere (this is a good place to start).

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