Puerto Rico

Lost in humid jungle,
Spanish forts watch busy seas:
Tropical winter.

Here are some photos from Puerto Rico!

Tree in old San Juan
Tree in old San Juan

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Git Cheat Sheet

For a while now, I’ve had a gradually-expanding note with various git commands that I’ve been using as a cheat sheet for git tasks that I do not do often, but regularly enough to write them down.

I figure putting them here will not only make them (slightly) easier to get to every time, but may also help other folks out.

So here they are! Keep in mind that this is just a quick (and intentionally incomplete) cheat sheet – if you are learning git for the first time, you’re better off looking elsewhere (this is a good place to start).

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A SoCal Weekend

Without doubt, Southern California is a great place to live.

Here’s a quick video that captures just a few of the fun things I did in a single weekend - May 2-3, 2015 in LA.

In order, the things I filmed:

  • mountain biking the El Prieto trail near JPL
  • BBQ get-together to watch the Mayweather - Pacquiao fight
  • motorcycle ride up Angeles Crest for Cafe Desmo

A solid SoCal weekend!

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Getting Started With Flycheck + Pylint in emacs

This post was originally published on Admiral Ackbar’s Code Emporium .

Emacs is my favorite editor, and python is my favorite scripting language. Sometimes, though, silly syntax errors in python don’t get caught until runtime, which is a really inefficient way of finding them.

This post is a guide in getting started with pylint inside emacs. Pylint does finds syntax and other issues, so you can spot and fix them as soon as you make them. It can also be used to enforce style guides, notably pep8. With the Flycheck emacs extension, pylint’s output will be shown right inside your emacs buffers.

emacs with pylint
emacs with pylint

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